Reboot & Refocus Webinar

Government Contracting 2021 Reboot & Refocus Webinar January 14, 2021 Are you ready to learn how to PIVOT FOR PROFIT in the New Year? The opportunities in the world of government contracting can be enormous and transformative for small businesses, women-owned businesses, veteran-businesses, and others. Gorby Peters understands the complexity of these opportunities and can […]

Gorby Peters Founder Chaired the Admissibility of Expert Testimony in Georgia Seminar

Founder Mary Donne Peters chairs the Admissibility of Expert Testimony in Georgia seminar at the State Bar of Georgia. Partners Michael J. Gorby and Amy C. M. Burns spoke at the seminar, along with other many others, including The Honorable Catherine M. Salinas; Professor Ronald L. Carlson; Sonja Rasmussen, MD; and Randall M. Kessler.