We counsel investors and entrepreneurs about the risks and benefits of various types of business entities, assist the owners in setting up businesses, and create the legal documents necessary to run businesses such as contracts and agreements for employees, contractors, vendors and customers. Examples of the types of entities we create include: corporations, limited liability corporations (LLCs), partnerships, limited liability partnerships, joint ventures, and nonprofit companies. Examples of the types of agreements that we create to help run a business include: operating agreements, bylaws, shareholder agreements, buy-sell agreements, stock purchase agreements, teaming agreements, subcontractor agreements, employment agreements, separation agreements, Board of Director agreements, OEM/OED agreements, licensing agreements, nondisclosure agreements, independent contractor agreements, lease agreements, promissory notes and vendor agreements. When necessary, we will also represent clients in business litigation and arbitration concerning: contract disputes, employment disputes, shareholder rights disputes, breach of fiduciary duty disputes, and trade secret and noncompetition disputes.